Where Are All-Inclusive Resorts?

All-Inclusive resorts are located throughout the world with the largest collection in Mexico and the Caribbean. The size of your group and your budget play a very large part in the destination you choose. Obviously, the farther or smaller the destination, the greater the air transportation cost will be.  The types of activities you are looking for and the weather also play a key role in deciding where you want to go.  You have a myriad of choices and we will help you reach the best decision about which destination best meets your needs, budget and event objectives.  Deciding where and when to go are the two most important decisions that will affect the price and availability.  Our job is to ensure we get what you need to have the most successful and enjoyable event possible.

One question that frequently arises is whether there are All-Inclusive Resorts in the United States? The answer is not many. The closest thing that resembles a true all-inclusive in the traditional sense is the Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort in Port St. Lucie Florida. Other all-inclusive resorts are scattered around the US but most are small and do not include alcohol and other amenities traditional all-inclusives in Mexico and the Caribbean include. They are fine for small executive retreats but outside of Sandpiper, if your group is 100 + it will be very difficult to find. More often than not, we identify a resort that works and build a meal and beverage plan through F&B along with other inclusions. It is typically pretty pricey to do it this way.


Offering superb resorts, world-class dining and nightlife, a diverse range of shopping and countless outdoor activities, Mexico draws millions of visitors each year with its sunny weather and relatively low prices.
We offer all-inclusive resorts in two main areas -- the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico’s Pacific Coast.
Cancun, the most popular destination in Yucatan, is a bustling hot spot for fun-seekers. Nearby, the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen provide a stark contrast and relaxing foil to the glitz of Cancun with nature preserves and picturesque beaches.

The easy-going island of Cozumel, a renowned diving destination with 100 dive sites and miles of unspoiled reefs. Thousands flock to Tulum every year to see well-preserved Mayan ruins perched upon seaside cliffs.

On Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Acapulco boasts comfortable resorts, adventurous activities and lively nightclubs. Snorkel and fish in laid-back towns like Huatulco and Ixtapa, or visit ritzy Los Cabos and explore the ecologically rich Sea of Cortez.

Positioned between the lush foliage of the Sierra Madre and the indigo waters of Bahia de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta offers a number of thrilling water and land activities. Enter a fishing tournament in Manzanillo, the “Sailfish Capital of the World,” or visit the historical sites, craft markets and Pacifico Brewery of Mazatlan.
                                   The Caribbean

Known for light island breezes, swaying palm trees, sandy white beaches and unbelievably translucent waters, the Caribbean is more than just a mirage in the distance. The tropical islands that make up the Caribbean are top choices for sun-seekers across the globe.

Beaches, boats and bikinis are Caribbean essentials, as is a chill attitude. Whether you’re sailing in a catamaran off St. Lucia’s coast, snorkeling in Jamaica, discovering the undeveloped shores of Antigua or sunbathing on the ever-popular Bavaro Beach in the Dominican Republic, an all-inclusive resort promises to give you the full Caribbean experience.

History, culture and nature are all at your fingertips in the Caribbean. Verdant mountains, nature reserves, rainforests and jungles abound on Caribbean islands and are ideal for hiking,
horseback riding and biking. Endless beaches call to you, as do magical attractions like coral reefs and underwater caves. Filled with coconut-tree groves, lush valleys of sugar cane and bananas, white sandy seashores and of course, the sparkling blue and green waters of the Caribbean Sea, these islands have long been desired by foreign powers and are flavored with heritages of the British, Dutch, Spanish, American, French and Danish.
New World conveniences often meet Old World charm in the Caribbean, with cosmopolitan city centers boasting fine dining, world-class shopping and sizzling nightlife alongside centuries-old architecture, historical buildings and cobblestone streets. Art galleries and museums also thrive here, exposing visitors to the cultural core of these idyllic islands


Every Bahamian will tell you, "It's better in the Bahamas," and we can’t disagree. Only 50 miles east of Florida and scattered across 100,000 square miles, the 700 isles of the Bahamas seduce travelers with sugar-white sands, lush tropical greenery and shimmering blue waters.
Year-round with high temperatures between 74 and 89 degrees, these islands are perfect for a Spring Break retreat, summer holiday or winter escape.
Some of the islands’ most popular resorts are found around Nassau, the colorful capital of the Bahamas. Here, colonial charm is energized by a distinct tropical attitude -- nearly every building is swathed in vibrant colors, from private homes to the pink parliament building. In Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, you'll find botanical gardens, well-kept state parks and high-end shopping. A quieter escape awaits on Exuma, a spot so secluded that it’s recently emerged as a celebrity hideout.

And no matter where you stay, be ready to hit the water. The islands encircle the world’s third-largest barrier reef, where submerged caverns and coral gardens lure scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts of all skill levels. Crystal-clear seas allow for visibility up to 200 feet beneath the surface.
                                                    Dominican Republic 
There's no place quite like the Dominican Republic. That’s because its history is the result of
an unlikely mixture of influences; nowhere else will you find a blending of European, African, and native TaĆ­no Indian cultures.

These distinct cultures still drive the social identity of the people today. Every aspect of their food, music, art, sports and religion provides a unique insight into the development of their country. In a single day you can experience both ancient and modern cultures from around the globe.

The Dominican Republic is the Caribbean's undisputed leader when it comes to all-inclusive resorts, with more than two dozen all-inclusive properties ranging from budget to luxury. Many of the all-inclusives in locations like Punta Cana and Puerto Plata are operated by Spanish hotel companies like Riu, Sol Melia and Barcelo, but you'll also find familiar names like Wyndham, with more U.S. brands on the way.
Less than two hours east of New York, Bermuda is composed of 180 islands linked by
bridges. This dreamy archipelago boasts 75 miles of picturesque coastline encircling lush, rolling hills. It's easy to understand why Mark Twain once said, "You go to heaven if you want -- I'd rather stay here in Bermuda."

Sink into rosy-hued sands on Elbow Beach, surf the translucent waters of Horseshoe Bay, or snorkel among coral gardens and hundreds of colorful fish at Tobacco Bay and John Smith's Bay Park and Beach. Adventurous travelers can explore Crystal Caves, an underground limestone cavern housing dramatic stalactite and stalagmite formations, and Cahow Lake, with water so clear you can see through to the bottom despite its 55-foot depth.

Nature enthusiasts shouldn't miss Spittal Pond Nature Preserve, the island's richest and most diverse natural sanctuary. The Botanical Gardens span 36 acres and are filled with over 100 species of flowers and plants, while the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo houses more than 300 birds, reptiles and mammals.

For historic sites, museums and quaint shops, head to St. George's Parish, where you'll also find the cobblestone streets of the Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest surviving English colony in the New World. The island's bustling capital, Hamilton, offers gourmet restaurants, cultural attractions and vibrant nightlife.

Ample shopping can be found in the Royal Naval Dockyard, a former naval base converted into an entertainment center. You'll find Clocktower Mall, the Maritime Museum, the Commissioner's House and the Bermuda Arts Centre here. For spectacular panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, climb the 185 steps to the top of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world.
An exotic land of Blue Mountains, bustling towns and soft sands, Jamaica is
the pinnacle of island getaways in the Caribbean. More than 600 miles of lapping coastline are adorned in sands ranging from black to white and over 120 rivers wind through Jamaica’s mystical highlands and verdant plains. Savor the aroma of flourishing coffee plantations, bathe in a natural mineral pool or peruse with the friendly faces of Jamaica’s rhythmic nightlife. It won’t take long to see why “one love” is the motto here.

Jamaica’s natural treasures are complemented by a rich cultural experience of history, music, food and the arts. Learn about times past when pirates, imperialism, slavery and independence culminated to form what Jamaica is today. A history of international influence has formed a heritage distinct from other Caribbean destinations.

Coastal towns and inland villages hold a wealth of Jamaica’s resources for tourists abroad. Fresh produce, hand-made souvenirs, island rums and famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee are among the most popular items here. Art aficionados will also delight in exhibits from museums and galleries to inner city walls and roadside displays. Each town boasts its own collection of historic sites, quaint shops and local culture waiting to be discovered.

One of Jamaica’s most popular wonders, Dunn’s River Falls, begins where the river meets the Caribbean Sea and ends at the summit of a 600-foot, fresh water cascade. The northern coast presents the Caribbean's natural resources and entices scuba divers into a world of tropical fish, colorful reefs and underwater caves.

Business meetings, economic endeavors and special interests' groups are met with hospitality from the Jamaica Tourist Board Group. A 1981 treaty between the U.S. and Jamaica makes all meeting and convention expenses tax deductible, adding a fiscal benefit to the island’s natural treasures. A myriad of resorts and attractions can be arranged for groups of all sizes. And Jamaica’s many destination management companies offer exciting programs for your eventful week in the Caribbean.

Central America
Central America may seem miniscule on a map, but the area packs in more diversity
and activity than one could imagine for such a tiny region. Surrounded by mountains, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and offering a jumble of varied terrain ranging from flourishing rainforests to smoky volcanoes, Central America pulsates with life and energy.
From Costa Rica’s diverse geography to Panama’s urban capital, there’s a little bit of everything in Central America -- old and new, natural and metropolitan. Costa Rica is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Warm waters and year-round waves make water sports popular for all-inclusive resort guests. The bravest adventurers can choose from optional excursions like whitewater rafting, zip lining and visiting the active Arenal volcano. Home to 20 national parks and eight nature reserves, Costa Rica is also a biological melting pot where approximately 6% of the world's biodiversity can be found.

Once considered the trade center of the Spanish empire, the Republic of Panama acts as a natural bridge where modern cities meet with nature’s beauty. Housing the Panama Canal, one of the wonders of the world, this country’s rich culture is reflected in the charming architecture and fortresses of Old Panama and the sultry skyline of Panama City. You'll be delighted to find department stores, museums, hotels and casinos in cosmopolitan Panama City, while also relishing in the country’s historical background and natural splendor. 

South America
The first true all-inclusive in South America is the Dreams Karibana Cartagena in Colombia. It is an outstanding resort offering great value, a beautiful resort property and great access to the history, culture and traditions as seen in Old Town Cartagena. While it may be the first, South America will open up to the all-inclusive market very quickly because of the popularity and value all-inclusives offer. 

From the hip-swiveling, heart-pounding rhythms of samba to the slow and seductive

measures of bossa nova, the music that invigorates South America also showcases its passion. With zeal and enthusiasm abounding, it’s impossible not to feel the beating fervor.

South America's largest country, Brazil, is known for ecological wonders, sun-kissed beaches and lush rainforests. All-inclusive resorts in Brazil offer a plentitude of activities, including swimming, sailing, diving, underwater fishing and surfing.

The colorful and cosmopolitan city of Rio de Janeiro is nestled between forest-covered mountains and stunning beaches. Famous for its electrifying Carnaval that sweeps through the city once a year, Rio offers a melting pot of cultures and art.

Located on the northeast coast of Brazil along the Atlantic Ocean, Salvador is the country's third largest city, attracting many visitors with its artistic, cultural and historical heritage. Salvador has produced some of Brazil’s greatest artistic figures and has one of the most vibrant carnivals. Also of note is The Salvador Historical Center, a UNESCO Heritage site, which has thousands of 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century houses. Nearby is Costa de Sauipe, a well-structured, private tourist complex known for its ecological excursions

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